Protesters holding a Pass the PRO Act banner


The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is landmark worker empowerment, civil rights and social justice legislation.

It's an essential part of creating an economy that works for everyone.

Petition: Pass the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act

If we want to build up worker power, our outdated labor laws must keep up with the times. If you think we need to protect working people, take 30 seconds to add your name in support of the PRO Act.

It's Time to Reclaim Our Power

Working people are organizing like never before.

Work stoppages were up 52% in 2022, and the number of workers involved in stoppages increased 60%.

We are sick of corporations making record profits while working people can barely make enough to support a family.

To build worker power, our outdated labor laws must keep up with the times. This is why now is the time to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, just reintroduced in the Senate as the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act.

Do you agree that workers have waited long enough? Co-sign our letter.

Co-sign our letter.

Nearly half of all nonunion workers
—more than 60 million people—
would join a union today if given the chance.

Why We Need the PRO Act

Our basic labor law, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) of 1935, which is supposed to protect the rights of workers to form a union and bargain collectively with their employers, is broken. Ever since its passage, corporations and the politicians they bankroll have conspired to render the law toothless. In recent decades, employers violate the law with impunity, threatening, harassing and even firing workers who are organizing for fairness on the job.

Why We Need the PRO Act

Why are we honoring Richard Trumka?

Richard L. Trumka was a legend in the labor community. Before he became president of the AFL-CIO, he was president of the Mine Workers (UMWA). He helped organize one of the most monumental strikes in U.S. mining history—the Pittston Coal strike that started in 1989. The strike resulted in additional benefits for miners whose employers went out of business.

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